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Yih Min (pronounced 'yee-min' and also known as 'YM') founded LABEL-Y with the belief that by embarking on the entrepreneurial journey of starting a cosmetics business, she could inspire others to challenge themselves. As a busy mother, homemaker and wife, Yih Min (YM) knows a thing or two about juggling between developing a business and motherhood, and how challenging that is.  She is determined to grow LABEL-Y as a business specialising in curating and manufacturing a unique range of cosmetics serving both B2B and retail customers.

Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2017, there is no doubt that LABEL-Y is a company in its infancy. We are still figuring things out and make no apology for that. Although the business of manufacturing perfumes is not new (there is quite a lot out there!), it's where we've chosen to start.  We want LABEL-Y to mean much more. We want our brand to be recognised for manufacturing and curating cosmetics that are just that 'little bit special', a brand that resonates with everyday women, a brand that is supportive of women in business, and a brand that is also socially responsible when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing.   

With our attempt at making a difference, we are introducing our first line of products - Uniquely designed glass bottled perfumes and home fragrances from our Western Australia range, as well as limited edition embossed designs. 

We are proud of being an Australian company as well as a supporter of Australian tourism.

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